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We understand as well as anybody, that one of the most daunting aspects of a motor vehicle accident, is obtaining a replacement vehicle. How can I get to work tomorrow? Get my kids to school tomorrow? We understand this is a priority. For that reason, we started Delta Auto Rental. We own and maintain our own fleet of rental vehicles ready for you the second that you walk through our doors.

Delta Auto Rental was created to help streamline the rental and collision process. Clients can now drop their car off at Delta Auto Body and leave in one of their own rental vehicles. No delays. No waiting an hour for a rental car to be delivered. No Uber to a nearby rental facility. And because Delta Auto Body knows exactly where the vehicle is in the repair process and how long it will require to complete, that information is automatically passed on to the rental department without the customer required to juggle multiple calls back and forth between shop and rental carrier.

We are proud to offer a wide selection of rental vehicles from compact to luxury, Jeeps, SUVs, etc.

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