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Auto Body Repairs

When an accident occurs, it’s important to find a reputable auto body shop that will ease your mind and help you every step of the way. Delta Auto Body boasts 45 years of industry experience, with a full team of knowledgeable and skilled technicians. Our trusted team is trained in collision repair, framework, dent repair, computerized diagnostics, and paint matching, paint restoration, and detailing/refinishing services. No job is too big or small for our team to take on. In addition to repairing all makes and models, Delta Auto Body also offers towing services and car rentals to alleviate your stress and provide complete customer satisfaction.



Delta Auto Rental was created to help streamline the rental and collision process. Clients can now drop their car off at Delta Auto Body and leave it in one of their own rental vehicles. No delays. No waiting an hour for a rental car to be delivered. No Uber to a nearby rental facility. And because Delta Auto Body knows exactly where the vehicle is in the repair process and how long it will require to complete, that information is automatically passed on to the rental department without the customer required to juggle multiple calls back and forth between shop and rental carrier. We are proud to offer a wide selection of rental vehicles from compact to luxury, Jeeps, SUVs, etc.

24/7 Towing

Delta Towing is another step towards making the customer process as easy as possible. Wherever your vehicle is located, whether in your driveway, on the side of the road, or in a tow yard used by the police, Delta Towing will immediately send out a truck to recover your vehicle and bring it to their facility for repairs. Delta Auto Body now has multiple tow trucks able to pick you up 24/7, 365 days a year. A simple call to the shop will begin the process of picking up your car and having a rental vehicle waiting for you. In almost all cases, any associated fees will be covered by the insurance company.


Deductible Assistance

If you are at fault for the accident involving your vehicle you are able to have your vehicle repaired so long as you have collision and/or comprehensive coverage. Such coverages, however, come with a deductible… sometimes as high as $2000. At Delta Auto Body, we understand, that a deductible is an unexpected expense that many people can not afford to cover. For that reason, we don’t want you to worry. At Delta we will cut our price to help cover your deductible and in most cases, those with a $500 deductible will have no out-of-pocket expense.


Electrical and Mechanical Services

Have a dead battery? Misfiring starter or alternator? We service your vehicle with care, providing a high level of workmanship you can trust.

Free Diagnostic and Estimates

Whether it’s an issue with your car engine, air filter, auto transmission or another part of your car, we will diagnose and give you a free estimate.

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